Lamborghini Superleggera Based on an ItalDesign - Giugiaro concept further developed by the Lamborghini Centro Stile Automobili Lamborghini SpA $450,000 + Options 315 Km/h (195 Mph)
0 - 100 Km/h : 3.8 sec.
0 - 200 Km/h : 12.1 sec.
Max. power : 530 bhp (390 kW) at 8000 rpm
Max. torque : 510 Nm at 4500 rpm
Structural aluminum space frame, based on aluminum extruded parts welded to aluminum caster joint elements Aluminum with thermoplastic ‘hang on’ parts Double wishbones front and rear suspension, anti-roll bar, anti-dive and anti-squat ‘self adjusting’ Koni FSD dampers V-10 90 degree, 18 degree crankpin offset, lightalloy block, mid mounted (longitudal), permantent four-wheel drive with viscous traction system Chain driven, intake and exhaust continuously variable valve timing, electronically controlled 19.5 Lit/100 Km

Lamborghini Superleggera

A version of the Gallardo, dubbed the Superleggera (super light), was launched at the Geneva Auto Show in 2007. The Superleggera paid tribute to the first Lamborghini production model, the famous 350GT, which was designed and built by the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera in Milan, a coachbuilding company that recently restarted its activities. For most mortals the standard Lamborghini Gallardo would be more than quick enough in all areas, thanks to its 5.0-litre V10 engine and crafty aerodynamics. But Lamborghini believed there were customers who wanted more speed, and more performance from the Gallardo so the Superleggera is a Lamborghini that was created for the most demanding customer. This is a very special and limited edition Lamborghini with only 172 produced worldwide, 10 in white, 34 in grey, 37 in black, 45 in yellow and 46 in orange.

Hot on the heels of the gob-smacking Murciélago LP640, the Gallardo Superleggera isn’t just special, it’s spectacular. It’s also continued proof that Lamborghini is a genuine force to be reckoned with. Not just as a maker of supercar pin-ups – Sant’Agata has been doing that since 1963 – but as a manufacturer fit to stand alongside Ferrari and Porsche, both for the standard of its engineering and the robust state of its business.

The Superleggera looks magnificent. Squat, square-jawed and glowering with purpose and aggression, it exudes the kind of hardcore attitude you expect from a stripped and ripped version of what was already one of the most no-nonsense supercars around. Get behind the wheel and it doesn’t take long to appreciate how different the Superleggera feels from the full-fat Gallardo, and it comes through the rim of the steering wheel. In the Superleggera you get the muscular feel but with a new sense of urgency and responsiveness. Turn the wheel, even just a little bit, and the Superleggera responds directly. Not in a jumpy, artificial manner, but with precision and without hesitation. It certainly bodes well for track use. Combined with a newly programmed ECU and a new throttle body, the V10 engine pumps out 530 Bhp in the Superleggera compared to 500 Bhp in the ‘normal’ Gallardo, which results in a 0 to 100 Km/h time of only 3.8 seconds, a full 0.4 seconds faster than the standard Gallardo.

The Superleggera is a staggering 100kg lighter than its counterpart. This weight loss puts the Lamborghini Superleggera at the top of the Gallardo model line and boasting a better weight to power ratio than any of its direct competitors on the market today. To achieve such figures many parts on the Superleggera have been replaced, the inner door panels now are finished in a spectacular clear Carbon Fiber, just like the central console and the hand brake lever to name but a few. The very sporty seats are no longer electrically adjustable and receive a dedicated stitching of their alcantara upholstery while the well known e-Gear is standard. The engine cover on the Superleggera has been replaced by a clear Carbon Fiber unit featuring a light weight Polycarbonate transparent section, also note that the windscreen has been made thinner to further reduce weight, the exterior rear view mirrors are also finished in Carbon Fiber and the rear bumper now also features a clear Carbon Fiber lower section as are the lower side sills.

A very nice touch is the new, rather high ‘Superleggera’ rear wing, again finished in Carbon Fiber to stay in line with the rest of the dedicated options on this new Superleggera.

Ultimately, the Superleggera experience is much greater than the sum of its vital statistics. More about the things you can feel than those you can measure, the Superleggera is objectively impressive and subjectively intoxicating. Meticulously constructed, magnificently aggressive and mouth-wateringly desirable, this lighter, faster Lamborghini is a compelling drivers’ car in the finest Sant’Agata tradition.